Our Marketing-as-a-Service (Maas) solutions can generate and maintain a continuous pipeline of high quality prospects to help your sales organization close new business faster!


Development and placement of eye-catching and compelling content that generates leads!


Creation and distribution of effective promotions to increase attendance for webinars and events!


We’ve helped a wide range of organizations to generate brand awareness and increase pipeline!


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About Us

We are an organization of sales and marketing technologists dedicated to helping companies fill sales funnels and grow revenue – fast!
No drama, no finger pointing, just results – it’s that simple.

What We DoWhat we do

Our Marketing as a Service (MaaS) solutions generate continuous pipelines of quality prospects for businesses while integrating with your existing sales processes (CRM) and in-place lead management.

Ultimately our clients achieve:

  • Increased net-new and nurture leads
  • Seamless alignment of marketing and sales efforts
  • More revenue quarter-over-quarter
  • Quantifiable results in months, not years
  • Pay-for-performance pricing model

Organizations who partner with Selling Simplified close more business faster because our services streamline and accelerate the sales process—Enabling sales teams to simply focus solely on continuing conversations with engaged prospects from a nurtured pipeline.

Who we areWho we are

Selling Simplified Inc. is part of the Selling Simplified Group (SSG) founded in 2012, an organization of sales and marketing technologists dedicated to helping companies fill sales funnels and grow revenue – fast! Our mission is to simplify selling so sales teams can focus on closing and growing revenue by helping to keep their pipelines full of high quality, nurtured, sales-ready leads.

We combine best-in-class Marketing-as-a-Service solutions with an experienced and talented team of marketing specialists capable of getting the job done right. By working together Selling Simplified will help grow your business the way you’ve always envisioned.

With headquarters in Greenwood Village, Colorado, Selling Simplified is a global organization with regional offices in California, London, and Pune, India.

Our Leadership

SellingSimplified’s Executive Leadership Team pulls together 100 years of combined experience spanning professional sales, successful entrepreneurship, solutions and business consulting, software engineering and product management, information systems management, enterprise software marketing, and strategic financial planning

    Successful entrepreneur and dynamic leader; developed new markets by creating innovative solutions designed to help build client revenue



    Seasoned client relations professional; superb technical sales ability and experience building multi-million-dollar client portfolios’ lead generation programs


  • Karen Phillips

    Financial wizard; responsible for defining SSG’s financial vision & strategy



  • “Selling Simplified has been a true all-round partner, from building top of the funnel leads to playing a key role in our ABM campaigns. They give us the coverage we need to ensure our content is being promoted to our audience at the right time. With their seamless Marketo integration we have been able to increase our conversion rates and develop new opportunities in our sales pipeline much faster.”
    Adam Polaszewski - Director of ABM and Demand Generation Strategy, Support.com
    Adam Polaszewski
  • “At Intacct, we’ve had an excellent experience working with the Selling Simplified team to deliver quality leads for our demand generation campaigns.”
    Tim Wulf - Marketing Programs Manager, Intacct
    Tim Wulf
  • “Selling Simplified delivers consistent quality and scale for my clients. They are a solid partner with whom to work, providing excellent service to support their offerings.”
    Jay Barden - JUST MEDIA, INC.
  • “Selling Simplified is truly a trusted partner, continually delivering excellent programs and services. Their expertise and quality results are unmatched and make them a staple on most media plans. I absolutely love working with Team Selling Simplified!”
    Nyla Murphy - JUST MEDIA, INC.
  • “GLG has had the pleasure of collaborating with the Selling Simplified team on targeted lead generation programs that are tailored to the needs of our technology client. Not only has Selling Simplified been a valuable contributor to the development of campaigns, but they execute on their commitments seamlessly. Selling Simplified is not just a lead generation firm, they have become a partner in innovation for my team.”
    Katy Webster - program manager, The Garrigan Lyman Group

Our Clients

We’ve had the privilege of working with a wide range of technology organizations, from large enterprises to small pioneers, all of whom rely on us to generate brand awareness, increase pipeline, and grow revenue fast. Contact us for more information on how to join our esteemed network of clients today!


Selling Simplified can enable your campaigns to achieve a global reach that includes access to over 124 million companies across 215 countries!

What we do at the core is forge valuable connections between our clients and prospects in their regional markets — and those connections begin with conversations sparked by innovative content. In addition to providing sleek and cutting-edge designs, our ability to customize and localize content helps boost our clients’ brand and generate leads. In order to fully support the orchestration and execution of global campaigns we also offer complete translation services for our creative materials. We invite you to take a look at our creative examples — enjoy!

Our Partners

Selling Simplified works in partnership with civic and economic organizations, and leading software companies, to expand and promote the local business community as well as the technology industry as a whole.
Marketo Marketing Software. Easy, Powerful, Complete.

Marketo provides the leading cloud-based marketing software platform for companies of all sizes to build and sustain engaging customer relationships. Spanning today’s digital, social, mobile and offline channels, the Marketo solution includes a complete suite of applications that help organizations acquire new customers more efficiently, maximize customer loyalty and lifetime value, improve sales effectiveness, and provide analytical insight into marketing’s contribution to revenue growth. Marketo’s applications are complemented by the Marketing Nation™, a thriving network of more than 190 LaunchPoint™ ecosystem partners and over 40,000 marketers who share and learn from each other to grow their collective marketing expertise. The result for modern marketers is unprecedented agility and superior results.

The Colorado Technology Association

Founded in 1994, the Colorado Technology Association is a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing the technology industry. Our mission is to foster growth and opportunity for the technology industry. The Association represents the state’s technology industry through key public policy and legislative efforts to ensure our industry is poised for growth.

The Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce

For nearly 150 years, the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce has been a leading voice for Colorado’s business community. With a membership that spans the seven-county metro region and includes 3,000 businesses and their 300,000 employees, the Chamber is a powerful and effective advocate for both small and large businesses at the local, state and federal levels. As business leaders committed to creating a healthy business climate, the Chamber focuses on key issues: a solid multimodal transportation infrastructure; access to quality, affordable health care; and a competitive primary, secondary and higher education system.

The Denver South Economic Development Partnership

Denver South EDP’s predecessor organizations were wildly successful in growing the Denver South Region into what is today: Colorado’s Corporate Capital, home to seven of nine Colorado-based fortune 500 headquarters. We are committed to building upon the organization’s legacy through visionary economic development leadership, civic involvement and positive business advocacy in a non-partisan and collaborative manner to continuously improve the region’s economy and high quality living standard.

Change the Data Quality and Lead Generation Landscape With Us

Committed to Success At Selling Simplified we believe that with effort comes growth. Here, career progression within the company,
personal development and realizing your potential can become a reality.
  • WE ARE International
    Selling Simplified has branches in the United States, the United Kingdom and in India. By being global, you will have the opportunity to communicate, network and even travel throughout the world.

  • WE ARE Inclusive
    At Selling Simplified we thrive with a plethora of personalities and a slew of strengths. We welcome all types of people because we believe it helps our culture grow. While we are all challenged and work hard every day, maintaining a fun company culture is at the core of our pursuits.

  • WE ARE Growing
    We are hiring in all branches and for many different positions. Click in the flag where you are interested in applying to discover more information. Take charge of your career.

  • We’re rapidly growing. We’re always needing more talented people to join our team.


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Content Syndication

Selling Simplified offers a complete approach to content syndication that generates leads throughout the buyer’s journey


All sales leads are not created equal, therefore, they should not be treated equally. Many prospects demonstrating an interest initially – perhaps because they registered for a webinar or downloaded a whitepaper – are often in the early stages of the “buyer journey” and may just be gathering information. However, they could be a long way from being “ready to buy” that includes having a well defined and funded project – these prospects need to be effectively nurtured until they are indeed ready to buy. This nurturing process is critical for maintaining prospect awareness of your brand and offering, which requires a steady stream of marketing “touches” through carefully coordinated campaigns that deliver the right content, to the right contact, and at the right time in their buyer journey.

Selling Simplified has created content syndication programs and services that have been tailored to address all three stages of the sales funnel that align with the buyer’s journey. Moreover, the key to effectively generating either CPL, NRL or SRL leads starts with our ability to leverage high quality contact data in order to accurately target and reach these buyers – a core strength that is unmatched by any other marketing services vendor. Combining our use of complete and accurate data, with our ability to create innovative and compelling content that will incite prospect interest and action, is Selling Simplified’s strength and differentiation.

The Selling Simplified Approach

CPL – Top of Funnel

  • We start by having our Market Analysis Team conduct a Total Addressable Market (TAM) assessment on each campaign based on the specific region and industry vertical that best aligns with your target market and sales goals. This step in the process is ideally suited to support Account Based Marketing (ABM) programs in an effort to prioritize the most viable targets within your defined ABM list.
  • We then analyze the types of assets you chose as the campaign offer (e.g., whitepaper, demo, free trial, etc.), as well as the content that comprise these assets to help ensure:
    • Regions and verticals where your offering will have the biggest impact
    • Companies within these areas that are best suited for your offering
    • Key decision-makers and influencers within these organizations who most likely have a need for this type of offering, prioritized using their content consumption history along the buyer journey
  • Email content creation and data segmentation based on this analysis.
  • For optimal results the campaign is launched digitally in the local language where it is being syndicated.
  • Prospects who download your content are funneled through our extensive QA process which verifies the information to be accurate and correct, as well as ensuring the lead is relevant to the campaign criteria
  • Leads are delivered through the avenue of your choice and are now ready for either immediate follow-up by sales or continued nurturing, as well as having them subscribe to your future mailings.

NRL – Middle of Funnel

  • NRL leads are put through our general syndication process mentioned above, but here we invoke our tele-analysis team to capture custom filtering questions of your choice. This can include information about the prospect’s environment, project timelines, or if they are interested to receive additional information or a follow up phone call. Essentially, these leads are ready to be nurtured further with either additional content or further conversations.

SRL – Bottom of Funnel

  • SRL leads are designed for companies who are tired of paying incredibly high prices for “BANT” qualified appointments that convert poorly. This often happens because sales people rely on the demand generation vendor to provide them with prospects that are undoubtedly ready to buy now, when they actually are more likely to buy within the next 6-9 months, or longer, and are not ready to engage in a meaningful discussion with sales. A few years ago, Google and CEB presented a study which says that 60% of the buying cycle is conducted online prior to a buyer ever reaching out to a sales person.
  • SRLs are designed to identify companies and prospects that are within a 45-60 percentile ‘ready-to-buy’ range. Our approach to confirming this is by profiling companies using BANT criteria, while also syndicating content digitally to key decision-makers within the department relevant to your offering. The result is our ability to uncover buyer interest independently. We provide a complete and comprehensive profile on the targeted company, as well as details about their technical environment, project or contract ending timelines, including relevant pain points to judge their willingness to switch from their currently deployed solution.
  • We then digitally promote your offering to companies that are likely to be making a change, and judge the interest level of decision-makers by nurturing them with your more advanced content. If both the contact and company show positive responses, we know they are more likely to have an immediate need for change in an area relevant to your offer. Given how decisions-makers have recently consumed your content is an indicator that it’s the best time to engage this company before any of your competitors do.

Drive Event Attendance

Selling Simplified’s team of experts can help drive registration and attendance for webinars and live events that result in high quality leads!

The key to creating awareness of your demand generation activities and drive attendance starts with our ability to leverage high quality contact data that enables us to accurately target and reach your potential buyers – a core strength that is unmatched by any other marketing services vendor. Combining our use of complete and accurate data, with our ability to create innovative and compelling promotional materials, has been proven to significantly increase registrations for our client events.

Drive Event Attendance

The Selling Simplified Approach:

A 10-20% conversion rate – based on the number of contacts targeted and actual attendance – is the goal by most Marketers for webinars when soliciting net-new audiences. But what if your promotional content is untested? What if your audience is very small? What if you’re using a new lead generation company? You’ll want to avoid the risk of wasting tens of thousands out of your budget when there are so many unknowns – and to run a few trials while building your audience is just too expensive. That is, until now!

Cost-Per-Attendee Digital Event Registration Campaigns are designed to reduce the risk and increase ROI for companies that are tired of paying for net-new registrations that just don’t convert to attendance. This model also provides a low-risk mechanism to ensure that your webinar content is still producing actionable leads even after the date has passed. Essentially combining two demand generation mechanisms around your webinar content so you can cater to an audience that is increasingly mobile.

Here’s how it works:

When a budget has been set to drive attendance for a webinar, clients are only charged for actual attendees (not just registrations), so your cost per attendee KPI is met before the campaign even starts. The remainder of the budget after the webinar has passed is then allocated to on-demand webinar syndication, but the cost per lead is significantly less. The concept is the same when using video streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, where a viewer is able to consume the content of their choice at a time that is most convenient for them – either way the message gets across and caters to a larger audience that would have otherwise been missed.

It’s a bit like watching on-demand television programming late at night for a person who works extended hours. In the same way, a prospect’s interest level in either instance (live or on-demand) is the same, but in the case of on-demand the prospect is simply viewing the content on their own time when they can focus, rather than at a time that is pre-scheduled which may not be the most opportune for them to digest the information, or even attend. So now you have both live attendees and on-demand viewers that are significantly more likely to attend your next webinar or live event, but you didn’t break the bank on it.


    Inc5000Selling Simplified Inc. is part of the Selling Simplified Group (SSG).

    We are an organization of sales and marketing technologists dedicated to helping companies fill their sales funnels and grow revenue – fast!

    Our best-in-class Marketing as a Service (MaaS) solutions streamline, enhance and accelerate sales pipeline building activities.


    • Worldwide Headquarters
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